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Jul 11, 2007 at 06:10 AM



Hi All,

Scenario: A network is created for all missing parts for a machine using PS. This network contains certain materials & for these materials I would like to know what views have been maintained.

I am trying to join the tables RSEB & MARA. From table RSEB, i want to use the field AUFNR (for the network number), MATNR & WERKS as selection & display fields. From the MARA table i want to use VPSTA & PSTAT to display the material views stored.

I created a infoset & associated this infoset with the query i created. But when i run the query the VPSTA & PSTAT field is shown blank, but all other data is being displayed. Is there any code which i need to write to ensure that this data is displayed? But when i enter a production order number in the AUFNR field, am able to get the output in VPSTA & PSTAT.

I know am doing something wrong, but being a non-ABAPer not able to understand what is it that am doing wrong. so if someone can kindly help me on this, would be highly appreciated.