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HANA MDC 2.0 for Trial (Cloud Foundry)

Jul 21, 2017 at 07:56 AM


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Hello everyone,

it is possible to create an HANA MDC 2.0 on the Cloud Fondry as we known from the NEO environment for Trial account?

If I consult the official documentation i can only find this option for enterprise accounts. It this true? If yes, is there any planning to make it available for trial accounts (which automatically shut down after 1 day as in NEO).


Best regards,


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Manjunath Baburao
Jul 21, 2017 at 03:41 PM

Hello Manjinder,

Yes currently it is not possible to create a tenant of HANA like how we do on NEO. And we only provide the possibility to create a service instance of type 'hanatrial' to bind to applications that you create on Cloud Foundry.

As for your feedback, I will definitely take this back to the team.

We will make an announcement if the current status quo changes.



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Former Member


I'm using node.js and I have deployed my application (on a trial accound of the cloud foundry) that request a HANA database using the hdb driver. When I bind my application to the hanatrial instance, I'm able to connect, send a query like "select 'toto' from dummy", but it's not possible to create a table : I have not the rights...

Please, note that the node.js app is connected to the hanatrial instance (without any information about the schema or databasename) using this code :

var host = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0];

var port = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0].credentials.port;

var user = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0].credentials.hdi_user;

var password = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0].credentials.hdi_password;

var hdb = Hdb.createClient({ host: host, port: port, user: user, password: password });

hdb.connect(function(error) { if(! error) { ...

Thanks you


PS : If I add the databaseName in the connection string, impossible to connect...

Former Member
Former Member


Excuse me, if it correct for trial than you have no rights for creating tables using node.js (module 'hdb')? I have the same situation and I am looking for answer for a long time. Can this situation be solved, can I get rights to operate my HANA service in Cloud Foundry (so as I can operate my HANA trial without using Cloud Foundry, just opening tunnel using Neo, and with 'hdb' module in my node.js application)?