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Jul 10, 2007 at 09:29 PM

Infospoke Failing in Process chains


I checked the error logs. Only the fields that are key to DSO are Coming in flat file and it generates the error that ZTEMP_CC IS NOT in infoprovider but it is already there in dso data fields. If remove all Data fields infoobjects from Infospoke infoobject maintenance it works fine. Please tell how can make it work with all data fields and Navigational Attributes IN the DSO to come in Flat File generated.

process chain in which Infospoke source is DSO ZSZCC_0 Which is company code master data. Now I want to generate the flat file and send to AL11 Dir DIR_GMP Local/data/interface/DS4/BI/GMP. But can you please tell if it is correct. . Since process chain is failing at infospoke.

Infospoke Details

General Tab

Source : DSO

Destination : COMPANYGMP Please tell if this is correct since it just the name of flat file

FULL Extraction

Destination Tab


Selected File Option radio button is it correct to choose


Directory : Local/data/interface/DS4/BI/GMP

Seperator: ,

Transformation Tab

Source structure /BIC/CYCOMPANYGMP

Also in DSO Few fields are blank not mapped in transformation but that should not be a problem . Error:<b> OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED</b>

Please help me with any documents at and also let me know the quick solution to resolve this. File is not going to the directory.