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Jul 10, 2007 at 09:03 PM

how to explicitly AVOID sorting the query results


Hello BI Community,

We have a BW 3.5 system that is used for operational reporting on very large amounts of information. Because the result sets are so large (and take so long to return), we have developed a background query solution that allows for users to define their queries in BEx and run them (with a variant) in the background.

These "background queries" use a batch process instead of a dialog work process, and therefore do not timeout in the way that dialog processes do.

The question I have is: <b>are BEx query results sorted by default ? If so, how can I explicitly AVOID this sorting via the query definition ? </b>

I am concerned that CPU cycels are being wasted as the background query works to needlessly sort these very large data sets.

Thanks very much,

Keith Helfrich