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Jul 10, 2007 at 07:08 PM

OVS problem..please help!


Hi All,

Please someone help me with this.

From the Web Dynpro OVS Valuehelp tutorial, I added an advanced search for the airport. I added RFC airport node as a child node of Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input, and it has 4 elements; Airportid, City, Countr, and Countr_Iso. I did “Edit Model Binding” to import and bring Destination_From(Bapisfldst) to the Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input RFC node. The RFC output node is OVSAirportQueryOutput, and the Value Node is OVSAirportQueryInput. Both of them have the same elements as the RFC airport node.

At runtime, it doesn’t give me a hit list of the airport in the table when I type in the airport code for the search. It only gives me a blank table without record. How can I get the record of the airport values to show on the table?

This is the code.

public void onQuery(IWDNodeElement queryInputNodeElement, IWDNode queryOutputNode) {

IPublicOVSCust.IOVSAirportQueryInputElement input =

(IPublicOVSCust.IOVSAirportQueryInputElement) queryInputNodeElement;

IPublicOVSCust.IOVSAirportQueryOutputNode output =

(IPublicOVSCust.IOVSAirportQueryOutputNode) queryOutputNode;

Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input bapiInput = new Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input();

Bapisfldst bapiAirport = new Bapisfldst();

Bapisfldst bapiCity = new Bapisfldst();

Bapisfldst bapiCountry = new Bapisfldst();

if (input.getAirportid() != null) {



if (input.getCity() != null) {



if (input.getCountr() != null) {






try {


<b>what should I put in here?</b>

} catch (Exception e) {

IWDMessageManager msgMgr = wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager();

msgMgr.reportException(e.getLocalizedMessage(), false);



Please help!