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Jul 10, 2007 at 06:02 PM

Change Request Flow In a Three System Landscape --- PLZ DO REPLY


Hi Experts,

I am new to SAP and have this doubt;

Suppose we have a three system landscape with DEV, QTY and PRD systems in it.

Say we create a new change request in DEV system. So to transport it to QTY we will release that request from DEV using T code se01 .

Now the request will come in QTY systems queue and we will login to the appropriate QTY client and import this request into the QTY system.

<b>No my basic doubt is, after the testing in QTY how do we move this request to PRD system ?</b>

Do we again release this request from QTY system using se01 or we need to go at the OS level in the QTY system and manually add this change request in the PRD system buffer ? ( Please send if any reference link is there)

I will really appreciate any info in this regard.

Thanks in advance.