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Jul 10, 2007 at 04:25 PM

error in query when adding prompts


Hello Everyone,

I have a simple query which is working just fine in query manager. Now, I need to narrow the query by adding two prompts. However, when I add a prompt, it will complain with an error saying:

Incorrect Syntax Near pch1.itemcode...

However, I am NOT using that table.. in fact, the query access an external table...

I have read note 0000730960 SAP Business One does not identify variables in long queries, but this is not the case.

I have reduced the query to just:


t0.airline_id as 'Airline'

from t0



but it is still giving me the error...

Even more, if I change the query for some actual real value, it will work. For instace, t0.airline_id='MP' it will work like a charm.

I use prompts (up to 3 prompts) in many other querys with no problems...

But this one, is a really wierd one. Support insists in reducing the query, based on the note, but this is simple a shot in the dark. They have no idea.

So, any hint will certainly be apprecieted.

Best regards,