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Jul 20, 2017 at 11:55 AM

Opening productive system in SCC4 to use SCC1 - no other way?


Hello there,

I recently installed the Addon "SAP Application Interface Framework" (AIF) via SAINT in a SAP landscape (DEV-QAS-PRD).

According to 1530212 - SAP Application Interface Framework FAQ the default customizing delivered with this addon is only available in client 000. Therefore the customizing has to be transported via SCC1 into the productive client of the production system. Due to settings in the PRD SCC4 the usage of SCC1 is not possible and warns: "Target client is productive and protected against client copy".

The SAP note from above states: "In order to copy the customizing logon to the target client and call transaction SCC1." Currently this is not possible. There is also no transport available from the DEV system after implementation and customizing the AIF, since none was created by the SAP system itself.

Question here: What to do? Open up the system? What do you think?