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Jul 10, 2007 at 02:44 PM

set ui element properties dynamically



There are two Web Dynpro Components.

In component1/view1 the user decides if he wants to display or to change the data.

Clicking on display or change, I call a view2 of the Comp2. There, the buttons should be active or inactive in dependence on the action display/change in Comp1.

I use context mapping between the two components and I tried to solve the problem via two different inbound plugs of view2 (in_change and in_show). There I wanted to set the context attributes of the view2 to which the ui elements property 'enabled' is bound.

Now I have two problems:

1) the inbound plug handler method is not called, probably because there is a default plug for the window of comp2.


      name =  `CREATEACT`
      value = lv_createact ).

Calling the set_attribute method for the context attribute (type Boolean) in the inbound plug handler leads to a syntax check error which says that the field CREATEACT has not to be changed. Why that ?

Is there a general recommenation to solve the problem of setting ui element properties dynamicalls between different components ?

Thanks and regards.