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Jul 10, 2007 at 02:08 PM

Milestone Billing based on Percentage & Quantity



Can you please guide how to map the following scenario

I have Business Scenario in Milestone Billing.

The Milestone terms are assigned in CJ20N and the same is copies to

sales order. The Milestone terms defined in the Project are

50% Advance Payment

40% Agaisnt Supply (Treating this also as advance)

10% At the time of Installation.(Treat this also as advance)

50% Revenue Realisation

50% Revenue Realisation

Order quantity is 100RMT

Order Value 10000

The definition of the each milestone is as follows -

Advance Payment: This Milestone raised at the time of booking of sales

order for Advance Payment. Unless advance is receivd orders are not

execute in the business. It means 50% of 10000 = 5000

40% Agaisnt Supply : This Milestone is raised based on supply of

material to the customer. It means as of Milestone Billing Date if

material dispatched is 20MT then the Milestone Billing Booked in the

system is 10000*40% *20/100= 800 (treat this also as advance payment

and client called it as Running Bill) and the same way book the billing

in the system upto completion of 100RMT.

At the time of Installation: This Milestone is raised when the

Installation process is starts. It mean example, if finish the

Installation of 10RMT, then the Milestone Billing is raised as per

below formula - 1000010%10/100 =100 (Treat this also as Advance

Payment and call it as Running Bill).

Actual revenue is booked in the system, once receive the completion

certificate from the client.

As of now in the system, only accept the value base or percentage base

milestones in the system. This type of above scenario how to map in

the system, can please propose a solution.

Kindly help me