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Jul 10, 2007 at 02:07 PM

Data Load to BI (7.0 SP 9) from R3(ECC 6.0 SP-Basis 9)


Dear All,

We have new instance of Devlopment BW System with version 7.0 and R/3 upgraded to ECC6.0. We connected the source system. When we extract the data through DTP the data load is sucessful with 0 Records.

This is case with all the extractors.

The data base is on Oracle 10.2

Observations for this:

0) Source system connection check OK.

1) When I test in RSA3 for the same extract I could fetch some data there.

2) I could transfer the global setting

3) I could not see any of the iDoc generated in BW and received in R/3

4) No back ground job is generated in R/3 in SM37

5) I could extract the data from other Source System(SEM) instance based on 3.5 technology.

As a progress on this issue I could load the load sucessfully by 3.X methodolgy (Using update rules) but not by BI7.0 Methodology(Using Transformation).

As a standards by the client we have to use 7.0 Methodology so still need to find a solution for the same.

No clue on how to solve and what is going on wrong. Help me in solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance,


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