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Jul 10, 2007 at 01:43 PM

which is the best method to upload data for ME32K transaction



I am trying to upload data for service contracts ME32k. The data would contain line item for a given agreement number. And for each of these line items services would be maintained. The services can run up to 4 levels. Under each level there can be n number of line items maintained. Could any one of please let me know if there is any BAPI available to do this. The BDC method looks to be complicated and in some cases impossible as the service level tree will not appear in the screen while recording. Any solutions will appropriately awarded.

example: the agreement number 123456

for this there is a line item 10.

choose this line item 10, go to the menu option services.

here we can maintain different outline levels and there can be 4 sub groups. under each of this subgroup sub line items can be maintained.