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Jul 20, 2017 at 09:58 AM

Count function for not same IDs from different queries


I've checked my logic and found some difficulties with my report.

So I've got 3 different queries.

The first query get values with some IDs

The second query get other values with some IDs

The third query get other value with some IDs

And finally I've got a table with merged IDs from all of these queries.

The problem is that IDs may be the same in all of these queries.

So I need to Count IDs but not to be same from other queriy.

And here below is my needable table

(Total IDs from Query-1 and not same In Query-2,3) (Query-1 IDs) (Query-2 IDs) (Query-3 IDs)

6 100 10 10

7 154 12 12

89 167 18 19

So my question is how to use =Count or some other function to Count Query-1 IDs wich is not same in Query-2 and Query-3 IDs ?