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Jul 10, 2007 at 01:17 PM

Upgrade R/3 (4.6C > ECC 6.0): Impact BW (3.5)


Hello experts,

Within a short time our client will upgrade R/3 from 4.6C to ECC 6.0.

BW will <u>not</u> be upgraded! Current version of BW is 3.5.

I have to analyse which problems could occur after R/3 has been upgraded.

I already found the notes:

- 328181 Changes to extract structures in Customizing Cockpit

- 505700 LBWE: New update methods as of PI 2002.1

- 380078 FAQ: BW delta queue (RSA7): Questions and answers

- 700779 Upgrading SAP ECC 500/600 with PI/PI-A/SSL_PI

There are some questions which remain unanswered after reading the notes:

1. Plugin (software component PI – 2004_1_46C)

Note 700779:

“Software component PI no longer exists on ECC 600. The PI functions are completely integrated into the ECC 600 main components SAP_APPL 600 and SAP_HR 600.”

Does this influence the software components in BW?

Do the software components in BW need upgrading because of the integration of PI in ECC 600 to SAP_APPL and SAP_HR?

Is there any documentation which clarifies this?

2. ALE Remote Connection

I have read , which suggests that when you not change the logical names, IDOC types definitions, EDI partner profiles etc. then it should not be a problem to connect BW to R/3 after the upgrade.

Is there any official documentation which can verify the above statement, or documentation which gives more information about the ALE remote connection??

3. LIS delta queue

According to note 505700 I need to change the update mode ‘Serialized V3 update’ to e.g. ‘queued delta’ before we are going to upgrade.

When we are going to upgrade, all delta queues should be emptied (transaction RSA7 and SMQ1). Are there any ‘how to guides’ for emptying delta queus??

All help will be greatly appreciated!