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Jul 10, 2007 at 12:23 PM

void check issue


Hi Gurus

Here is a complex situation. Last month one of my user has run the check clearing account with wrong period. Then she corrected it. Now the situation is this. Please suggest what can be done ? check was voided in system for accounting not meant to stop the check.

I’ve looked in the g/l to see the progression of transactions. Here’s the result:

Doc. #19127505 Original Entry of Invoice DR 650450 $2400

CR AP Vendor #356 $2400

Doc. #20109892 Original Check Issue #6400023043 DR 356 $2400

CR 210006 $2400

Doc. #20110425 Voiding of Check DR 210006 $2400

CR 356 AP Vendor $2400

Doc. #20110425 Tried to Reverse Void DR 356 AP Vendor $2400

CR 210006 $2400

Like we talked about, since the check was cashed by the vendor, when the check upload file comes in from the bank next week, the bank will show the check as cashed but the g/l will reflect a voided check. How will this affect my 210006 account? Typically, when the check file comes from the bank, the resulting transaction in the g/l is a DR to 210006 and a CR to 111133. Since the check is voided, SAP will probably reflect an error for check number 6400023043 which will mean the DR to 210006 and the CR to 111133 won’t “happen”, right? Looking at the above transactions, it looks like the AP and expense accounts above are ok.