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Jul 10, 2007 at 12:21 PM



Hey Experts,

can anybody give me a hint how the ~focusfield in HTMLB works:

<body class="MobileBody" onload="setFocus('`~focusfield`')" onkeydown="return processKeyEvent(event);" onhelp="return false;">
        <form method="post" action="`WGateURL()`" name="mobileform" onsubmit="return firstSend()" style="display:inline">
            <!-- hidden okcode field -->
            <INPUT type="hidden" name="~OkCode" value="/0">
            <!-- hidden fkey field -->
            <INPUT type="hidden" name="~FKey" value="">
            <!-- hidden focus field -->
            <INPUT type="hidden" name="~Focusfield" value="/0">
            <!-- already send flag -->
            <INPUT type="hidden" name="~ItsMobFirstSend" value="">

This is what the generator does. But how do I set the focus to an input field?

What does the hidden fields do?

Is there a way to set the focus in the IAC on the same field as in the Dynpro-Transaction?

Kind regards