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SAP MII OPC HDA and SAP ERP (PM) integration

Jul 24, 2017 at 08:22 AM


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I have a task: i need to estimate (in hours) integration process OPC HDA system -> SAP MII -> SAP PM.

We have one piece of equipment with 4 different sensors. Data from these sensors goes to OPC HDA system and stores there.

I need:

1. Make connection with OPC HDA system and SAP MII.

2. Take historical data from 4 sensors (from OPC HDA system) using SAP MII and put it into corresponding BAPI.

3. Update corresponding measuring point (or counter) into correcponding piece of equipment in SAP ERP (PM).

How much time does it take? Could you help me to estimate this task (applied to one piece of equipment)?

Thank you

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Jul 24, 2017 at 08:46 AM

Have you ever done it before? Probably not, otherwise you would not ask and were able to estimate it yourself.

But how could an estimate from a stranger help you here? If a high professional with huge experience estimates it then this time might be more than a challenge for someone who is totally new in that area.

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I've taken courses and done test integration tasks that were very similar to this task. And I have my own opinion about this task estimation. But I'm not sure in it.

Could you help me to estimate this task?


No I can't, as I have not done it and have not been trained on that.

But I can suggest you to discuss this with your supervisor if you are unsure. Still much better than taking a number from a stranger who does not know your internal procedures and politics and you don't usually get a detailed description what is all included in his hours and what is not.

See, 20 years back, when I got an email to create a shipping point then it was done after 10 minutes, today we have a huge approval process, need change requests, round tables where the CR is discussed and approved, need to change blue prints, create test documentation, organize these tests, get the tests documents approved and the test executed. Have to schedule such change in a weekly service release or in a development release (every 3 months) etc etc.

I think you can guess now how much time we spend with such a huge process beside of the technical time of doing the change itself.

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Jürgen, thank you. Now I see what you've wanted to say.

But I want to now about clear time of integration and some development (without time on internal procedures).

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Former Member Jul 24, 2017 at 03:28 PM

Hi Boris,

Answers to few questions might help you in developing a workable design. Once design is ready you can determine the complexity level of the developed required. If i were you i would look at getting answers to the below questions to start with.

1) What is the key identifier between OPC, SAP MII and SAP PM identifying the equipment. Is the SAP equipment number?

2) Which is the system of record for Equipment master data? How should this data be maintained in multiple systems so that all systems are up to date?

3) How does each system identify the 4 sensors currently? In SAP these are measuring points typically is the measuring point number maintained in SAP MII and OPC as well or are there key identifiers for identifying each?

4) Should Interface from OPC to SAP MII for sending sensors be real time or a batch or a file drop? Volume of the data?

5) Does OPC expect any confirmation in return from SAP MII? Apart from equipment master data does OPC expect any other info on sensor data from SAP?

6) SAP MII to SAP PM integration after the measurement document is created do we have to update SAP MII with any info?

7) What happens when any of this integration fails.

Once you answer these questions you should be able to develop a process flow and you would know the number of interfaces and enhancements and if you have an ABAP person with you he/she should be able to tell you the complexity level and help you determine the hours.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Shreyas.

Thanks for these questions.

I will think about it.