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How to Display Archived special stock in specific?

Jul 24, 2017 at 08:06 AM


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I want to display the archived special stocks, Hence I used tcode MM75 to display them.

But I am getting the archived sessions selection screen to choose from.

Is there any tcode to provide special stock number and get the relevant details as output instead of choosing the archive session.

After choosing the archive session, it displays all batches that are archived within that session.

Is it possible to provide batch number and get the relevant details for that batch alone like co78 for PP_ORDER.

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Jul 24, 2017 at 08:20 AM

Create an archiving info structure in SARI, activate it and fill it with the data from the various archives and finally use the archive explorer SARE to find the information based on your desired selection criteria

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Hi Jurgen

Thanks for your comment. I have already implemented this and able to view from SARE.

This is helpful when I know that the batch which I am searching is archived.

My requirement is, I want a selection screen to enter my batch number before choosing the archive session similar to MM_EKKO and others.

For MM_SPSTOCK, I am getting only archive session selection and not to provide the batch number.

Please let me know if there is any solution for this.


What you see is the SAP design of this transaction. If you are not satisfied then you might need to contact the SAP Support to let them know (Nobody will change anything if they do not know that there is demand for something different)

See also this page for customer influence


Hi Jurgen

Thanks for your valuable comment.

I have questions on Custom Archive infostructure, Could you help on these.

1) What will be the causes of inconsistent infostructure?

2) What changes should be done in field catalogue to make infostructure consistent. I have chosen multiple source field and link between them is provided.

3) Can't "field no" column be modified in field catalogue.

4) How to to create a custom field catalogue by copying standard field catalogue.

5) Will there be advantage to create custom field catalogue just by reducing the number of fields from standard field catalogue?

Praveen Kumar Dwaraganath

hard to answer on 1) as I never had created an inconsistent structure.

In general a structure should be as short as possible and only contain those fields that have values that you want to see right away instead of pulling it from the archive individually.


Hi Jurgen

Thanks for your comment.

We are not able to archive batches with MM_SPSTOCK.

It is throwing error as,

MCHB: XXXXXXXXX dependent sales order stock records exist

MCH1: XXXXXXXXX dependent sales order stock records exist

MCHA: XXXXXXXXX dependent sales order stock records exist.

Are these error related to note 30656 as you explained in thread or will be enough if we archive the sales order and archive the batches.

Praveen Kumar Dwaraganath

if it says that you have sales order stock then usually SAP is right and you have to check the sales order stock table (see )

And if the stock in all records is zero then those special stock records can be archived with ....MM_SPSTOCK, just a slightly different filling of your selection screen.

What has this to do with your initial question? How can a info structure be inconsistent if you have not even archived anything?


Hi Jurgen

Thanks for your answer.

Mistakenly posted in the comment rather than separate query.