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Jul 10, 2007 at 10:53 AM

how to open a popup and get some data from a model class


Hi experts,

mi problem is the next.

I am opening a popup from a view that is controlled by a controller named, the controller class is z_identity_cl.

the window that is opened is other view controlled by, with a controller class, z_nocupantes_cl.

In the do_init event of the z_nocupantes class i have added the next code:

<i> DATA: cl_parent TYPE REF TO Z_IDENTtity_CL.

  • Recuperamos el atributo parent

cl_parent ?= me->m_parent.

  • model is the class i want to recover, it is defined in the attibutes of the class z_identity_cl

model ?= cl_parent->get_model( 'mo' ).</i>

When i open the popup i get the next error:

BSP exception : the object numero_ocup.htm(this is the page i want to open) in URL sap/ZHR_PDWEB_GDPT/numero_ocup.htm is a view. Initialize the controller.

what do i have to do?

any help?

thanks in advance