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Jul 10, 2007 at 09:35 AM

Few Queries --> need clarification.


Hi guys,

I have few functional puzzle that I'm unable to solve. With experts help, I think I would be able to do the same.!

Note: All questions relating to SAP B1

<b>1.</b><b>If they make an error during transaction of say Issue for production and an

error of data entry is made, how do we reverse or cancel the transaction?</b>

<b>2.</b><b>How do we close the sales/production order or cancel the order if they have changed the plan for the same? </b>

i.e. If I have a situation wherein I plan for a particular sales order, thus raising the purchase and production order for the same.During the time I receive another sales order which would be of more profitable, so I want the plan to change to the new sales order, though I will produce for the previous order but the current plan should be changed to new order is it possible..?!



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