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Jul 10, 2007 at 07:51 AM

Alternative reconciliation account and special GL indicators



A tricky one. Your help would be very appreciated !!!

We are facing a problem when using special gl indicators for the clearing of vendor postings that did use an alternative reconciliation account. We face it during a bill of exchange posting. The posting is cleared but the target account determined by the SGI is not the correct one. It is as if the SGI target account was not determined based on the reconciliation account maintained in the vendor posting, but by the reconciliation account maintained in the vendor master data.

In order to be clear:

In table THKON (alternative rec account) we have:

account A >> account B

In table T074 (special GL) we have:

account A >> account C

account B >> account D

The idea is simple: we can have different reconciliation accounts in the vendor posting (A & B) and for the SGI we want to have also different target accounts (C and D).

Our vendor posting use the alt rec account, so account B is used in the posting while account A is maintained in the master data. We trigger our Bill of exchange posting using special GL indicator; the posting on account B is cleared but the target account to which the amount is moved is C while it should be D.

To me this is a major problem and completely annihilates the use of alternative reconciliation account, as the initial distinction cannot be maintained all the way.

Did anyone already face this issue ? Is there an OSS note on this issue ?

Thank you very much for your answer.