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Jul 10, 2007 at 07:47 AM

Variable not working



In a query, I have a requirement as follows:

I need to display the cumulative balance for a particular Key Figure.

The logic is like this, if I enter a period as 006.2007 it should show the data of 001.2007, 002.2007 and 003.2007.

I have created the variable for Fisc Year/Period as ENTER_FISC_PERD and I have created another variable (ZCURRQUAR) for displaying the data as per my requirement.

When I execute the report, in the initial variable screen, ENTER_FISC_PERD variable will be a prompt and in the KF, I have restricted the ZCURRQUAR.

But when I enter some value in the ENTER_FISC_PERD variable, my other variable is not getting executed even though a customer exit is written. I have created that variable as customer exit only but even then it's not working.

Please let me know why my variable is not working...