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Application Enablement: Thing Modeller Event creation

Jul 21, 2017 at 09:48 AM


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I am currently exploring Application Enablement services. In the documentation I read about events. Unfortunately I cannot find this in the UI.

Therefore my question: How can an Event be created in the Thing Modeller?

Thanks in advance Cheers,


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Jan Reichert
Aug 21, 2017 at 06:28 AM

Hi Fabian,

I know this is an old question and you probably already have your answer, but nevertheless I'd like to answer the question because maybe someone else is struggling with the same topic.

Events can't be created using the Thing Modeler. The Thing Modeler is mainly to maintain the model itself and not to create Time Series Data or Events. But you don't have to model events, like you have to do it for properties. You can just send them to the system in the format you can find in the documentation ( You can also add a Thing reference to your event, but that's not mandatory either.



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Hi Jan,

I have a similar query around events that i would like some information.

The documentation around events explains how events can be created using Event API.

is there any way for system (either IoT service/ Application Enablement) to create events during data ingestion or later based on the sensor values? (For example, trigger event if temperature > 60 C and pressure > 15 psi).

Also could you please suggest the possible ways to trigger events.

Thnak you in advance,

Venu Ravipati


Hi, of course we are planning to allow you to have events generated based on rules that are applied to the incoming data stream. But this is not available yet within IoT Application Enablement. Some early version of such capability might exist in PDMS or Connected Goods or Vehicle Insight already.

Your best option right now is to have batch jobs that check the latest data every few minutes and this batch job (node or java app in CF) then generate the events on the fly.

If you have something, that needs to be closer to real-time it might be possibility to use iot service http forwarding to an app you create - but you would get the raw data and not the "thing context" for this kind of processing and your app would have to be able to process all data so it would have to be designed as a streaming app to not create a bottleneck.

Regards, Marcus

PS: The included forward looking statement should not be considered as a commitment but as current plan, is subject to change at any time and should not be the basis of any buying decision.


Hi Venu,

futhermore u can fecth the data from IoT service with SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) and check this directly there, or against SAP CP Business Rules.

Pls check some simple examples here in one of my blogs: