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Jul 21, 2017 at 08:07 AM

SAP HANA EXPRESS 2.0 SP01 di-space-enablement-ui server internal error 500



I am following the SAP HANA Academy Live5 tutorial on youtube.

Everything is ok until the video 11 - Initial setup XS Advanced Administration.

I have created the new space DEV in the org HANAExpress.

I have assigned XSA_DEV and XSA_ADMIN with the roles.

I have set the service broker to logical database SHA with default.

I go to the apllication monitor tile, select the di-space-enablement-ui application, start it, and when I click on the URL, I have a internal Server Error with the link :


I want to enable the space with a command line but I do not find the documentation.

Please provide me a solution about the Internal Server Error or the command to enable the space.