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Jul 10, 2007 at 12:57 AM

Dynamic table, new rows not visible



I created a new form in transaction SFP and imported the sample "Adding" target="_blank">">"Adding and removing table rows at runtime" from the Adobe website.

At first, in the PDF preview, the "+" and "-" buttons worked perfectly, but after I saved and activated the form, the buttons stopped working.

I can see that the script is incrementing the number of table rows, but the table rows just aren't visible. The maximum number of rows is set to 7, and I get a message (as expected) after clicking the "+" button seven times: "The maximum allowable number of rows is 7. You cannot add any more rows". However, the new table rows don't appear on the screen.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any ideas on how to make the new table rows visible?

Thanks in advance.