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Jul 09, 2007 at 12:30 PM

How to get the authenticated user


Hi all,

I have a pickle of a problem, which I am trying to solve.

The portal we need to implement this on, has Companies implemented, which means something changes in the security model - and makes an authenticated user unreachable for me.

The usual way of getting the user: sapUser =;
IUser ep5User = WPUMFactory.getUserFactory().getEP5User(sapUser);

... means that if I subsequently check for ep5User.isAuthenticated(), it always returns false (this is a webdynpro application, so there's no "request" object available to me).

What do I do next? I need the authenticated user, so I can connect to KM, and overwrite files - anonymous write/delete permissions is not allowed on this system.

Points will be awarded for any help 😊