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Jul 09, 2007 at 10:50 AM

Material costing details (costing 2 view): Source for getting the costing


Hello Friends,

I need help in getting MM03 costing 2 view details... I need to fetch costing details for a material and a plant combination, I have found 2 tables KEKO and KEPH but did not get exact key information to het KEPH entries for MAterial and Plant combination.

for more information...

• Call tr mm03

• Material = BSEG-MATNR

Press Enter

• Select Costing 2 View,

Press Enter

• Plant = BSEG-WERKS

Press Enter

• In Costing 2 view Press current button

• go to Cost-Display Cost Components

• Select layout

• Select 1SAP02 Layout

Now this current costing data i need in runtime...

Kindly help in this regards... Rewards assured for each helpful response 😊