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Jul 09, 2007 at 07:12 AM

scrap quantity to be minus with operation sequence is not check in co11



PP experts

i have problem in confirmation of production order.

suppose i have production order of 15 qtys.with four operation to be confirmed (co11).

operation qty.yield srcap qty.

0010 1 5 0

0020 14 1

0030 14 0

now, in 0020 operation i have 14 yield & 1 srcap quantity & when i go for 0030

operation for confirmation it will show the default quantity of previous operation,0020 qty. i,e 14 qtys.but if i put the quantity 15 in this operation (0030)

its allowing to confirmed 15 qtys. because the plan qty is 15.but i want to minus the 1srcap qty. from 15 plan qty. & system should allowed only 14 qtys

(15-1=14) for i want the flexibility of operation sequence not to checked.

i set operation sequence - error when operation sequence is not adhered to in OPK4,its minus the scrap qty. but not allowing the flexibility of operation sequence


please send me the setting for the above query in the confirmation (co11)