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Jul 09, 2007 at 07:03 AM 3.gd_printparams


Hi Folks, TYPE slis_t_sortinfo_alv WITH HEADER LINE.

data:gd_prntparams TYPE slis_print_alv.

In the reuse_alv_grid_display I am giving these.

i_save = 'A'

is_print = gd_prntparams

it_sort = itsort[]

What difference does these two parameters make.

I commented it and seen but I was not able to figureout the difference.

2.To get the serial number in the alv grid,I had delcared a variable sl_no like sy-tabix and then

loop at it_final.

it_final-sl_no = it_final-sl_no + 1.

modify it_final.


I am getting the result,but I want to know is this the correct way or do we have any other way to get the same.

3.If a report has to be run in the background why we have to choose only a particular layout.

if sy-batch = space.

call function reuse_alv_grid_display.

elseif sy-batch = 'X'.

call function reuse_alv_list_display.


Can anyone here please let me know about the same.