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what is the diff b/n scripts and smartforms


can we tell me the wht is the diff b/n scripts and smart forms

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2 Answers

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    Jul 08, 2007 at 02:42 PM

    SAPscript technology is based on a mainframe product from the 1980s, while Smart Forms have only been around since (roughly) 2001. With that sort of time gap, there are bound to be significant differences between the two tools. Client dependence is a fundamental one. Although SAPscript has had some incremental improvements over time, its forms have always been -- under the hood -- relatively ...

    1. script is client dependent one while smartform is client independent.

    2. In scripts we have to write print program while in smart forms it is not necessary.

    3. In scripts we can print background logo while in smartforms we cant print background logo

    4. In scripts we have 99 main windows while in smartforms we have only 1 main window.

    5. In scripts we should write paragraph format otherwise we cant execute program while in smartforms no need to create paragraph formats .

    6. In scripts we can print the text in only two character formats.

    while in smartforms we can do with more.

    7. In scripts we dont have line types while in smartforms we have linetypes.

    also refer




    the main diffarences between smart form and script form are:

    1) smart forms are clinent independent where as scripts are client dependent.

    2) smart form require half the time to create and maintain forms compare with


    3) smart forms provide multiple page formats where as in script not possible

    4) smart forms exisist without main window also where as in script not possible.

    5) smart form is entairely graphical user interface comapre with script.

    6) labeling is not possible in smart form where as it is possible in script.

    7) smart form genarate function module whenver it activate where as script

    doesn't genarate.

    8) smart form can easily web publishing using the genarated XML output compare

    with script.

    9) using smart forms we can design web forms but bot possible with script.

    10) we can maintain background graphics in smartform wher as in script not


    11) in smart form we use transaction codes SMARTFORM for designing FORM

    and SMARTSTYLES to create differnt styles of text, where as in script we

    use SE71 for form painter and SE72 for different styles of text and font.

    12) we can migrate script to smart form vice-versa is not possible.

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    Jul 09, 2007 at 03:32 AM

    The Following are the differences :-

    a) Multiple page formats are possible in smartforms which is not the case in SAPScripts

    b) It is possible to have a smartform without a main window .

    c) Labels cannot be created in smartforms.

    d) Routines can be written in smartforms tool.

    e) Smartforms generates a function module when activated.

    f) Unlike sapscripts (RSTXSCRP), you cannot upload/download Smartform to your local harddisk.

    It was said that it was provided in CRM 3.0 version, but not available in R/3. You can download smartforms into Local PC in a XML format. In the same way you can upload this XML format into Smartform. From the smartform editor itself you can call download option, if you are working in CRM 3.0 environment.

    In R3 also, you can download into XML format. However, it's not sure about uploading. Refer to the program 'SF_XSF_DEMO'.

    In 4.7 Enterprise, other have seen this utlity which is completey missing in 4.6c. There is functionality to downlaod a complete form or only a particular node. (Utilities -> Download form). It will create a XML file and save it in the hard disk.

    For others, if you want to download/upload the Smartforms source, you will need the help from the Basis people. What you can do is to create a Transport and then FTP down to your local harddisk. When you need the Smartform source in another system, you have FTP up the Smartforms file back to the SAP server. Finally, the Basis team, will tp it into your system.

    g) The protect and endprotect command in sapscript doesn't work with smartforms. For example on a invoice: First data of position no 80. is printed on page one, other data of position no 80 is printed on page 2. And there's nothing you can do about it. Actually, there is something you can do about it. By using a folder node and checking the 'protect' checkbox, everything in that folder will be page protected.

    Hope this will help u.

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