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Jul 08, 2007 at 12:23 PM

Livecache 7.6 backup on MaxDB -> Strategy


I have query regarding backup of livecache 7.6.

1- To backup livecache 7.6.01, should I use RSLVCBACKUP or MAXDB DBMGUI or DBMCLI.

We are on AIX 5.3 environment.

The Livecache version is KERNEL 7.6.01 BUILD 005-123-135-650

The MaxDB version is: DBMServer 7.6.01 Build 005-123-135-650.

I have found OSS# 820824 - FAQ: MaxDB/liveCache technology and OSS# 846890 - FAQ: MaxDB Administration, but there is no OSS note for Livecache 7.6 backup.

2- Is there a OSS Note for Livecache 7.6.01 backup.

3- What is the difference between MaxDB backup and livecache backup?

4- What is recommended procedure? Backup Livecache or backup MaxDB?

5- Where do I find the logs of livecache backup and MaXDB backup?

Thanks a bunch in advance. Points to be rewarded for any kind of small help.