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Jul 08, 2007 at 08:42 AM

Sender SOAP adapter: access Header fields (dont use envelope and nosoap=1)



I've just been going through various blogs regarding the SOAP adapter and receiving the actual unconverted content being sent to xi. Trying this out I dont get the exptected result.

What I have done is simply created a web service in XI - added '&nosoap=true' to the url and set the flag in 'Do not use SOAP envelope'.

After this I send synchronous message via xmlspy and receive error 'XIServer:CANNOT_READ_PAYLOAD'.

When checking data received in MDT I only see the envelope containing my additional header info (provided in the request) + some XI headers + a body. The body however pretty much only contain a manifest. The actual payload data that I sent in my request a gone (hence the error message).

When looking i SXMB_MONI i (naturally) also only see the header and body info - no payload. So when mapping step is reached it complains.

I'm aware I should use mapping like xslt/java to map the message. But first I need to see the payload.

Anybody got any clues?

For information I'm running 2004 SP 19.

Best Regards,