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Color this row in ALV

Jul 27, 2017 at 10:45 AM


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TABLES: mara, marc.
    "marc is N 181
    "mara is 1 157
    DATA: lt_mara TYPE TABLE OF mara,
          ls_mara TYPE mara,
          lt_marc TYPE TABLE OF marc,
          ls_marc TYPE marc,
          BEGIN OF ls_out OCCURS 0,
            mtart LIKE  mara-mtart,
            matnr LIKE  marc-matnr,
            werks LIKE  marc-werks,
            ntgew LIKE  mara-ntgew,
            brgew LIKE  mara-brgew,
            sum   LIKE  mara-brgew,
    DATA:  END OF ls_out.
    DATA: lt_out  LIKE TABLE OF ls_out,
          fcat    TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
          ls_fcat LIKE LINE OF fcat,
           layout TYPE  slis_layout_alv.
    FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fsym> LIKE LINE OF fcat.
    PARAMETERS: p_mtart TYPE mara-mtart.
    SELECT-OPTIONS: so_werks FOR marc-werks.
    SELECT * FROM mara INTO TABLE lt_mara
      WHERE mtart = p_mtart.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      SELECT * FROM marc INTO TABLE lt_marc
      FOR ALL ENTRIES IN lt_mara
      WHERE  matnr = lt_mara-matnr
      AND werks IN so_werks.
      LOOP AT lt_marc INTO ls_marc.
        READ TABLE lt_mara INTO ls_mara
       WITH KEY matnr = ls_marc-matnr.
        ls_out-sum = ls_mara-brgew + ls_mara-ntgew .
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_marc TO ls_out.
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_mara TO ls_out.
        APPEND ls_out TO lt_out.
        CLEAR ls_out.
      MESSAGE TEXT-e02 TYPE 'E' .
        i_program_name         = sy-repid
        i_internal_tabname     = 'LS_OUT'
        i_client_never_display = 'X'
        i_inclname             = sy-repid
        ct_fieldcat            = fcat[]
        inconsistent_interface = 1
        program_error          = 2
        OTHERS                 = 3.
    READ TABLE fcat INDEX 6  ASSIGNING <fsym>.
    <fsym>-outputlen = 15.
      IF LS_OUT-SUM LT 5000.
       LS_OUT-color = 'C311'.
         LS_OUT-color = 'C511'.
    layout-info_fieldname = 'COLOR'.
        i_callback_program = sy-repid
        i_structure_name   = 'LS_OUT'
         is_layout = layout
        it_fieldcat        = fcat[]
        t_outtab           = lt_out
        program_error      = 1
        OTHERS             = 2.
WHat is missing in this report!why doesnt it color any row
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1 Answer

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Former Member Sep 19, 2017 at 01:56 PM

If you want to handle ANY /!\ formatting of a particular cell in ALV, here s the way.

form update_style using 
  x  type lvc_fname  " x is 'MATNR', 'VBELN',  'BELNR'.... whatever in your fieldcatalog
  y  type int4  " y = 1,2,3.....
  update_mask  type xstring
  update_style  type xstring.

READ table gt_alv into gs_alv index y.
tabstyle = gs_alv-tabstyle.
READ table tabstyle into s_style with key fieldname = x.

" check if fieldname already exists in gs_alv-tabstyle (insert or update)

s_style-style  = s_style-style  BIT-AND  update_mask.
s_style-style  = s_style-style  BIT-OR  update_style.

" Update or insert gs_alv-tabstyle from s_style
" update gt_alv from gs_alv


How to assign a color to a row in ALV
(But you cant have Cell background and Font Color at the same time !)

perform update_style USING  x y 'FFFFFFE0' update_style.

update_style can be : 

'00000000'. " Disable any color
'00000011'. " White Font
'00000017'. " Red fond
'00000013'. " gray font
'00000014'. " Yellow font
'00000015'. " blue font
'00000016'. " green font
'00000018'. " orange font 
'00000011'. " black font

'0000000D'. " background dark blue
'0000000A'. " background fluo blue
'00000005'. " background blue
'00000003'. " background light blue
'00000000'. " background gray
'00000001'. " background light gray
'00000004'. " backgorund yellow
'0000000C'. " background dark yellow
'00000006'. " background green
'0000000E'. " background dark green
'00000010'. " background dark orange
'0000000F'. " background red
'00000007'. " background pink
'00000008'. " background orange
'00000001'. " background standard 

If you want to handle editable, bold, italic, underline... properties

perform update_style  USING  x y 'FFFFFF9F' '00000020'.  " set bold
perform update_style  USING  x y 'FFFFFF9F' '00000040'.  " unset bold property

perform update_style  USING  x y 'FFFFF9FF' '00000200'.  " Underline
perform update_style  USING  x y 'FFFFF9FF' '00000400'.  " stop underlying

perform update_style  USING  x y 'FFFFF57F' '00000080'  " italic

perform update_style  USING  x y 'FF9FFFFF' '00200000'  " hotspot
perform update_style  USING  x y 'FF9FFFFF' '00400000'  " no hotspot 

perform update_style  USING  x y 'F9E7FFFF'  '00080000'  " Editable
perform update_style  USING  x y 'F9E7FFFF'  '00100000'  " Non Editable

For alignments, update_mask is 'DFFFF57F'
And update_style can be :

  DATA alv_style_align_left_top(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00000800'.
  DATA alv_style_align_center_top(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00001000'.
  DATA alv_style_align_right_top(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00001800'.
  DATA alv_style_align_left_center(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00002000'.
  DATA alv_style_align_center_center(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00002800'.
  DATA alv_style_align_right_center(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00003000'.
  DATA alv_style_align_left_bottom(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00003800'.
  DATA alv_style_align_center_bottom(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00004000'.
  DATA alv_style_align_right_bottom(4)  TYPE x VALUE '00004800'.

If you want to handle borders, you have to modify s_style-style2 with :

'FFFBFFFF' '00040000'  " Remove top border
'FFF7FFFF' '00080000'  " Remove bottom border
'FFFEFFFF' '00010000'  " Remove left border
'FFFDFFFF' '00020000'  " Remove right border

And after all of this (even after set_table_for_first_display)
you just need to call :
I dont use FORMs but METHODS because i wrote an implentation of class ZCL_GUI_ALV_GRID but Method REFRESH could be a FORM in your programs.

  DATA ls_stable TYPE lvc_s_stbl.
  ls_stable-row = 'X'.
  ls_stable-col = 'X'.

  me->set_frontend_layout( is_layout = me->is_layout ).

  CALL METHOD me->refresh_table_display
  is_stable  = ls_stable
*  i_soft_refresh = 'X' " 
  finished  = 1
  OTHERS  = 2.
  ret = me.

For me, x and y are not mandatory fields so :
You can loop over all lines if you want to set a property to a column (y is unset)

  ASSIGN mt_outtab->* TO <tab>.
  LOOP AT <tab> ASSIGNING <line>.
      update_style( x sy-tabix update_mask update_style )

or loop over your catalog when you want to set a property to a line (x is unset)

LOOP at me->get_frontend_fieldcatalog( ) in ls_fcat
      update_style( ls_fcat-fieldname y update_mask update_style )

For more possibilities, check link


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