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Jul 07, 2007 at 09:23 AM

How to set runtime references in J2EE library DC's



I'm building an custom logon module. This is well described in

I created the following DC:

1. simple java project DC that contains the login module class

2. J2EE library DC that will act as the deployable component.

The part "Make reference to the Security Provider service of the J2EE Engine." (2b) is where i get stumped:

The example adds the reference direct to the provider.xml. I don't have that option when I develop the library as a DC.

It seems that while EAR file DC's allow the adding of runtime library references via the application-j2ee.xml file, it seems that is not possible for J2EE library DCs.

Specifically, I'm trying to get the follwing entry into the provider.xml:

<references>" strength="weak" type="interface">security_api

I saw one workaround in the SDN where they suggest to extract the provider.xml from the SDA and manually

add the references but this isn't really an option in our case.

Should I be deploying 'normal' EAR files in this case ? Have I overlooked something ?