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Jul 07, 2007 at 08:57 AM

Profit center Detremination in Document Spliting(New Gl )


Hello Gurus

About the problem, I have some line items in AR against which I have to W/Off certain amount.T Code used here is F-32 and we have some reason codes defined for accounting the Bad Debta W/offs. Thru this combination we are passing the transaction for w/off. But when an Accounting Entry is generated, the Profit Center assigned to the Expense account (P&L account of Bad Debts w/off) is having some other Profit Center other than as expected by the user. User wants to have a profit center of the AR line item to appear against the Expence line itesm

Where can i check the config that will show me the settings for Proft Center determination for such Expense Items.

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