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Jul 06, 2007 at 02:34 PM

New Index and Search Result Renderer



I have develop a 3° party index using KM documentation "

Integrating 3rd-Party Search Engines into KM Index Management


The index is well working.

But I have a problem about the display of the result search screen.

Regarding the code and the Portal StandardSearchResultRenderer to see the properties that are displayed (see, I do not manage to display the property"description" in place of property "documentabstract".

So my question are:
1. How can I set the value of the


property in my code?
(for example:+ return new Property(new PropertyName(IWcmConst.SAP_WCM_NAMESPACE_RENDERING, IWcmConst.PROP_), value);)+

2. If we can not set the value of the


property, can I create a new

Collection Render

in which I display the description in place of documentabstract ? But how can I associate this collection rederer only with the new index and keep the standard collection renderer for other indexes ?

3. Is it existing a better solution ?