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Jul 06, 2007 at 02:35 PM

How to get the Cell which is active in a form? (without using pval.row)



Can I get the Cell of the Matrix which is active in a form?

I need to launch my search screen, when F11 is pressed in a SBO form. (in 10 different forms including Purchase Order form.)

And, put the selected value back into the form.(i.e, into the matrix cell, which was active when F11 was pressed.)

For getting the active cell, I don't want to keep track of pval.row,.. in the ItemEvents, because I need to do it for 10 different forms.

To explain the sequence of events: I want help in Step 5.

1. User clicks on a cell in the matrix

2. User presses F11

3. My add-on launches my search screen

4. User searches in it and gets the results.

4. User selects one of the Item# from the results

5. I want to put back the selcted Item# in the Matrix of purchase order form, in the cell originally clicked by the user.

Thank you!