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Jul 06, 2007 at 10:07 AM

BOM triggering



I am the following scenario:

Growing Plant: Procuring CHICK from outsource and breeding them by proper medicine and food, now after few weeks these chicks will be grown up as CHICKEN.

So how to match the above procedure in SAP without taking PP module into consideration. My thinking was like this:

1.Create CHICK as raw material (CHICK which we are procuring from outsource will be taken as Raw material).

2.Create FEED as raw material (which we will use for feeding up the chick)

3.Create MEDICINE as raw material or medical material type (which is used for medicating the CHICK)

4.Create CHICKEN as semi finished product.

5.Create BOM for CHICKEN taking chick, feed and medicine as components.

6.Create a PO for procuring chicks to Growing Plant.

7.I need to explode / trigger the BOM (CHICKEN) where the output product is chicken with the consumption of the components (CHICK, FEED, MEDICINE).

8.At step 7,,,,, can we do any BOM explosion or triggering without doing any MRP Run, Planned Order, Production Order.etc.,