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Jul 06, 2007 at 08:46 AM

Workflow XML R/3 can't parse XML answer, need help for syntax


Hello all,

i got a serious problem with workflow XML. I's a lot of text.

What do we do:

In worflow for PR's, there is a web activity, that sends out informations to a domino server. Sending out and receiving the acknowledgement works. The web activity than waits, until a answer comes in.

Now, if the domino user releases or rejects the PR, domino sends a XML message to R/3. This message is the big problem!!

R/3 documentation is not clear in this case. The R/3 example shows this syntax

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<WfMessage Version="SAP.1.0">




</Request> protocol=01&localkey=000000111669</Key>




<ProcessInstanceStateChanged> protocol=01&localkey=000000111669</Key> protocol=01&localkey=000000112625</ProcessInstanceKey>



<ANSWER>test successful</ANSWER>





Link to the example:

In that case, the "key" tag points to the external system, but has an "localkey" parameter, that holds the R/3 instance of the workflow task. "ProcessInstanceKey" seems to be the key for the external system. Completely confusing!!

Whenever we build our XML message in that way, we got the error 104 which means, that a process state change from [blank] to [blank] is not foreseen.

Can anybody help further?

Is there any document, that describes clear, how to build up such answer messages in WF XML?

Thanks in advance for the answers!!