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Jul 06, 2007 at 07:14 AM

How to delete an inconsistent BIA index?


Hi all,

I have deleted an active BIA index for an InfoCube using the wizard in transaction RSDDV. Then, data was deleted from the InfoCube. Afterwards, new data was loaded into the InfoCube. I then used the wizard again to create the index. The index creation aborted with an error saying that there already exists an index with the name [SYSTEM]_bic:f[CUBENAME]~[INDEXPART]. Obviously there is a problem with the generation of the fact table index (see the "f" in the name).

Some days ago, I corrected this error through RSRV and repair program "All BIA indexes delete and rebuild". But now there are too many BIA indexes in the system, so I do not want to delete ALL indexes and rebuild them afterwards.

I am searching for a program/transaction which lets me delete the BIA index definition for a specific InfoCube. I can't use the wizard, because the wizard still wants me to create the index and then fails again with the previous mentioned error.

Any ideas or hints on this issue?

BEst regards,