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Cannot get the data provider outline - insufficient privilege: Not authorized

This is the actual error:

Cannot get the data provider outline - SAP DBTech JDBC: [258]: insufficient privilege: Not authorized

I am trying to get this working but not able to get it working after checking previous questions answered for similar issue. I have already gave select with grant to _SYS_REPO for the schema i am trying to grant to this user. We do not want analytic previlege because we want to use to select any view or table in the system. They should only use select and they cannot create or do anything else other than running select stmts and preview data view using right clicking on Data Preview.

To this test user I gave following access

1. Catalog Read in System Privileges

2. REPOSITORY_REST (SYS) - EXECUTE with No to Grantable to others

3. SAPBWD schema with SELECT with No to Grantable to others

4. ZTEST_BWD defaults with create any as this is test id we are working on trying to grant access

5. Root Package with REPO.READ with No to Grantable to others in Package Privileges

Still the user get this error. Am i missing any step here? This is not trial HANA Studio but a real time system.

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