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Finding structure types with certain attribute types (more than one)

Is there a way to search for structure types that use two or more simple data types, e.g. all structures that contain an attribute of type BCA_DTE_BPARE and an attribute of type BCA_DTE_ACEXT? I couldn't find a way in se11 or se80.

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Jul 18, 2017 at 04:59 AM

    There is no built in functionality that allows you to find which structures hold which common sets of data elements. A few possibilities spring to mind that might help.

    1. Use DD03L to search for structures that contain either of your desired data elements, using field ROLLNAME. Any structure that appears twice will have two entries in the results.

    2. Do a where-used on each data element. Download the results and merge into one in, e.g. Excel

    3. Identify the table which where-used uses . Query that directly.

    You could of course write a small program to do any of these..

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    • That option 1 works really well. After sorting by the first column one can easily spot the duplicate results because the second occurrence will be shown as empty. (Just sometimes one is tricked by one of the types occurring twice in the same structure, as it is typical for the LOW and HIGH field in range structures.)

  • Posted on Jul 17, 2017 at 08:02 PM

    Hi Monika,

    Find your fields or data elements checking tables that begin with DD* in SE11 --> Database Table.

    I.E. In DD03L put EBELN in FIELDNAME and got all tables that use EBELN field.


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