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Former Member
Jul 05, 2007 at 11:47 PM

InfoPackage Stalls in tRFC Queue


Hi All.

I have a problem I've been unable to figure out. I trigger an InfoPackage that starts an extraction from an ECC 5.0 system. When we trigger the InfoPackage, we get the "Data is Requested" message at the bottom of the screen (BW 3.5). When we check RSMO, it stays yellow until it times out. I checked out the tRFC queue (SM58) and saw an IDoc listed as "Recorded" but we didn't expect to see anything. Upon triggering another load, we saw the entry in SM58 and told the system to execute the LOW. The load itself completed as expected.

We also checked out a load from BW to BW (via the Myself connection). This load executed completely without getting stuck in the tRFC queue.

I checked the RFC connection settings (SM59) and the partner profiles (WE20) and don't see any differences between the ECC and BW system connections. Both are set to process automatically and the connections work.

Does anyone have an idea what may be the cause of this problem?