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Jul 05, 2007 at 10:31 PM

Digital Signature queries


Hi Gurus,

I have two questions to be answered and many points to be awarded !!


We have defined one document type SOF (Software), this document type is used on 2 different products (Product1, Product2) in a Plant.

We have defined the Product Types under classification for this document type. The approval has to be through Digital Signature. 4 people (A, B, C, D) are involved in approval process. A, B (serial) for approval of Product1, C, D (serial) for approval of Product2...... We defined a Digital Signature Group: SOF_APPROVAL and assigned 4 Individual Signatures i.e. assigned person A to Ind_Sig1, person B to Ind_Sig2, person C to Ind_Sig3, person D to Ind_Sig4

and then created 2 strategies, Strategy1(Ind_Sig1, Ind_Sig2) & Strategy2(Ind_Sig3, Ind_Sig4)

Now thing is I want to use Stategy1 when I select Product1 in classification when creating a SOF document, and Strategy 2 when I select Product2 for approval.

What is the best method by which it can be achieved. Under SPRO while defining Doc type, I can enter only one Strategy there? What is the way around?


Is there a one to one relation between the Individual signature and the Digital Signature Group.

For example lets say there is a Drawing Checker Dig Sig Group (Draw_Check_Group), which has 2 individual signatures assigned to it, one for electrical (ELEC_Draw_Checker) and other for mechanical(MECH_Draw_Checker), and respective user id of the checker is assign to the signatures. Am I correct to say this?