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Jul 05, 2007 at 08:02 PM

New Line in EBCDIC file created by receiver file adapter


Hi mates,

I've configured the receiver file adapter to create a file in EBCDIC format by specifyin the File encoding 'Cp037'. When the file is viewed on the AS400 system using the command DSPPFM, it appears as a continuous text instead of line-by-line. I've tried specifying 0x0D(CR), 0x0A(LF), 'nl' as the endSeparator for the record type in content conversion, but no luck. Still the file looks like a continuous text.

I learnt from the following links that the New Line character (NL or NEL) in AS400 is Unicode '0x85'.

OutputStreamWriter/InputSreamReader" target="_blank">">OutputStreamWriter/InputSreamReader convert NEL to linefeed with Cp037 encoding


But when I specify this '0x85' as the endSeparator, I get the error below as 0x85 (decimal equivalent 133) is not part of the standard ascii code i.e. basic 127 codes

<i>Conversion initialization failed: java.lang.Exception: java.lang.NumberFormatException: Value out of range. Value:"85" Radix:16</i>

Is there any way I can produce the EBCDIC file with new line as end separator for records?

I appreciate your inputs.

thx in adv