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Transaction types and current processor

I have defined a new transaction type using as a template the existent Urgent Correction Transaction Type (SDHF) for the Change Request Management. Later on I have defined three Partener Functions corresponding to the actore involved in the change execution. I have seen that when the Correction is created

each partner functions finds the Correction in his worklist but they can make modification only according to their authorizations. I am a beginner so correct me if I have told something the questions...

1) The field current processor or next processor is necessary and if yes why? There is a way to keep track of the current processor?

2) I need to send an email to the next processor of the Correction for example when there is a change of the status. How can I do? How can I identify everytime who is the next processor in order to send him the mail? There is a way to associate each status to a partner function?


Partner functions: A,B,C

Status: X,Y,Z

What I want: when the status passes from X to Y I want to send an email only to B.

3) Using for example organizational hierarchy is it possible to define as a functional partner a team i.e. a group of more than one person, in order to make all these person see the Correction in their worklist?

4)In the img activity "Make settings for Change Transactio Types" i don't understand what serve the activities "Use Partner Functions" and "Specify Copy of Current User"

I pray you to correct me if I have told something wrong...Answer also to only one of my questions....I accept every suggestion...



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1 Answer

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    Jul 06, 2007 at 12:46 PM

    1.The field Current processor is used to assign the ticket to a particular person,for example when the urgent correction is in created state the current user should be to Developer,When the developer finishes his activity,before passing correction to test he changes the Cur. User to Tester so that when the status is in To be tested the current processor will be tester.

    Instead of using the Current processor for both developer and tester we can create partner functions with Developer and tester,so that the change manager can assign the developer and tester while creating the Urgent correction.

    2.Sending mails based on the status to the respective business partner can be done using workflow settings.Yes we can assosiate status to a partner function.

    3.We can define a functional partner as a team.For this we need to define the partner function accordingly.

    4.Use partner function enables to restrict the partner function to the particular type,i.e., we can restrci the current user to Employee and a support team cannot be entered there.

    Hope this is usefull,revert for any clarification.

    Thanks and regards,


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      Hi avinash,

      thanks for your replay...I need some clarifications

      1) So the current processor can be used to assign at every step the correction to a different person, but it can be eliminated if I create a partner function for each actor. Is it correct? The Change Manager states at the beginning the people involved in the correction...

      2) To send email is it possible to use some particolar actions? I have seen for example the action profile SLFN0001_ADVANCED containing some action to send email. Do you know if it is possible to personalize and use these actions?

      3) If I specify a functional person like a team, every member of the team can have access to the correction?

      4) I need to add a controll to avoid that the same person for example can develop the correction and import it in the production. At this point I have seen the condition SAME_USER but it seems to concern only developer and tester (maybe I can personalize it) .Do you know in which way can I add this control? I need something to do this:

      I have user A e B. Both can do action X and Y. But...

      if A makes X, A cannot make Y (B can do it).

      if B makes X, A can make Y (B cannot do it).

      Thank for you help! Please tell me if you need clarifications about my questions!