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Former Member
Jul 05, 2007 at 04:09 PM

CheckBox Disabled in Table because of Binding Problem. How to enable it.


Dear All,

This is Urgent request from me.

I have a Table in a view which is mapped to a PO_Items node(coming from RFC) and to certains attributes in that node. Now i need a checkbox functionality in that Table. So i created a Chcekbox UI Element, in that table. Also i created a value node CheckBoxNode and a value attribute CheckBox (boolean) under the NodePO_Items. In the Properties of the chcekbox i mapped the (checked) to Chcekbox attribute in the Context.

Now when i deploy it the Check box is in Disabled State. So i right clicked the table and clicked Create binding. I found that the chcek box is not binded, when i try to check it for binding other checked items are unchceked.

Please help me in finding a way to bind it, without affecting the other binded UI elements, so that it will be Enabled when i deploy it.

Points will be awarded. Kindly reply soon.