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Jul 05, 2007 at 02:31 PM

ALV Report printing to A3 format



We have written an ABAP ALV report to extract information from any number of Sales Orders from a given set of criteria. A number of layouts have been created. The layouts have been defined by the business (as they wanted the same format as they were previously used to). The default layout is about 337 columns wide, thus sending it over the 255 A4 limit. I can print the layout on an A4 landscape on 2 sheets of paper, but this is not practical when you have up to 30 pages of content (thus 60 sheets of A4 paper).

As such, I am experimenting with printing to A3. This is what I have tried so far (from information gleaned from Forum posts and elsewhere):

Created a new Page Type (used template DINA3 to create ZDINA3.

Created a new Format Type (e.g. Z_65_400_A3) and use ZDINA3 with 65 rows and 400 columns.

Assigned this new Format Type to a Device Type, in this case, SWIN.

In the Device Type, I have had to change the List Handler printer driver to "Print driver for SWIN using SAPLPD/Windows", otherwise I end up with 3 lines.

I have also set the paper size on the printer to A3, but nothing else. Leaving this as A4 results in an A4 print!

I have set up a number of Escape characters in the Device Type configuration:

Printer Initialzation

  1. SAPWIN data stream







End Of Page


End of Line


XLINEMOD: Line handling

##usage: Line handling

##DO NOT CHANGE the first two lines!

  1. output complete line with one call (do not use for proportional fonts)


XPARAM: Local settings

##usage: Local settings

##DO NOT CHANGE the first two lines!

  1. Schrift 5 Punkt einstellen.


#8,5 lpi


XPGINIT: Orientation

##usage: Orientation

##DO NOT CHANGE the first two lines!

  1. Landscape-Mode


I have tried to use the same example as">> but although I am getting an A3 sheet of paper, there are still issues with it:

Portrait instead of Landscape

Text appears to be double line spaced

Font is very small (believe this can be resolved by specifying the size of a font)

Firstly, any tips or tricks on printing to A3?

Secondly, what is the List Driver checkbox used for on the Format Type (other than to show the portrait and landscape page types)?

I do tend to scan these forums before posting, but in this case I have not managed to resolve this by looking in the Forum or elsewhere.

Many thanks