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Receiving HU is still allowed even if GR exist for full quantity of the manufacturing order ?

Hi All,

When i receive HU's against the manufacturing order after receiving full qty of the order system allowing me to do the GR ,any idea ?

Step1: Created EGR for manufacturing order

Step2: Received HU from work center in RF for the full qty.

Step3: try to receive the HU again in RF.

Why system still allowing me to receive the additional qty for manufacturing order ?

error1.jpg (198.0 kB)
error2.jpg (205.6 kB)
error3.jpg (37.1 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Jul 20, 2017 at 11:10 AM

    Hello Vamsikrishna,

    EWM does not check the tolerances in the standard customizing. The idea is that it is the task of the production workers to have an eye on the produced quantities. When the product has been manufactured and packed and the pallet is coming out of hte machine it does not help to refuse the goods receipt posting. The pallet is physically there and it must be handled.

    Another aspect: Depending on the industry, the planned quantity might be exact (100 means 100.000) or a rough plan (something between 80 and 120). So raising an error at 101 is not always goods idea.

    You can configure a tolerance check when you maintain the quantity role PPQTOT in EGR and PDI items plus the status type DTL. In addition you have to maintain the IMG activity 'EWM Tolerance Check Indicator Based on Purchasing Documents' in your ERP system. Please be aware that the tolerance check is then active for all inbound processes and it has an performance impact. The performance impact is increasing with the number of inbound deliveries per manufacturing or purchase order. So you should really think about the impact before using this feature.


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    • Hi Katrin,

      Thanks for the reply,

      One more question is when create a manufacturing order the posting change delivery is created for staging products to psa ( in my case AFS0 sloc --> PSA0 sloc) but system is allowing me to confirm the order even if the components are not avaliable in PSA how to avoid this is there any setting in PP side to restrict this ?

      also when i doing the reversal of hu for partial qty or full hu system is asking the exception code , i have tried with all but none is working , any idea ?.