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SAP ERP: Printing problem in a customize program

Jul 19, 2017 at 09:11 AM


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Hi All,

I have an issue regarding with printing in our customized program. Hope you can help or give some ideas with this problem.

Last week our IT team migrated the OS of our end users from windows(XP/7) to linux(Ubuntu 16.04) then after the migration we have encountered the problem with printings. They can print the documents but the outputs our different, it looks like the font in output changed then some letters became BOLD and some spacing our gone which make it hard to read.

Note: ServerOS - Windows Server 2012 R2 Std

SAP Gui version of end users is 730

Thank You!

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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jul 19, 2017 at 06:53 PM

SCN members can't possibly know anything about the "customized program".

However, such issues are usually related to the printer and printer driver, not ABAP code. But you have not given us any information about that. If you use LOCL printer then printing is driven by OS, so naturally, you might run into such issues. That's just a general observation.

Looking at other output (that looks OK, I assume) and finding the differences between that and whatever custom program is doing also would seem a logical step.

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Hi Ma'am Jelena,


Thank you for your reply. For additional information please see below:

Device: LP01

Dev. Type: SAPWIN

Driver: SWIN SAPlpd/SAPWIN driver 3.0

A. Method: G

Code Page: 1134

were using Global System....

In standard programs, printing working perpectly fine so assume that it's up to the abap code however our abaper told me that there's nothing wrong with the program but i doubt that.



Well, there you go - the "WIN" in SAPWIN should've been a dead giveaway that if you move away from Windows to another OS it might not work well.

Standard programs might be sending output to other devices for all we know. Unless there are some hardcoded print control parameters in the program in question it seems unlikely an ABAP development issue. But I'm confused why y'all simply cannot troubleshoot this locally with a Basis admin.